I never thought of myself as someone who would launch a podcast. Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable (laughs) to put myself out there to talk about my personal life. I mean, even on Facebook, which I’m on all the time – I scroll, I look at what other people do and I post some pictures, but I’m not always the most transparent. So putting myself out there like this is a big challenge.

This is a project that I’ve been working on now for 2 years, and now I’m finally at a point where I’m ready to talk about it.

About 2 years ago I was on maternity leave. I had my son. At that time I already had a year and a half old, and Franklin, my son was just born. At that point, I was working full time and completely struggling with the idea of “how do you have it all?”. I already had a side hustle, you know what I mean, and I was thinking, “Okay, I’ve got 2 kids. If I didn’t feel overwhelmed before, I’m completely overwhelmed now!”. I remember when I have my friends’ mom said to me, “Stacy, when you go pick

up your kids, and you see these moms and you think they have it all together, and you wonder “how is that even possible?”, just know, they don’t have their shit together. They just look like they do. Everyone is struggling to keep it together.” Then I thought, “Okay, that makes me feel better”, but still I look at these people and some people just seem to have everything together – they have it all.


Growing up thinking, “I want to have it all” and we have this world of opportunity, and yet I felt I was in this place of struggle where I have no idea how to make that happen. And so, it was actually a fortuitous occasion, I was carrying around my son in Baby Bjorn and went to a bagel shop. This man started talking to me and he mentioned that he had just read an article about the founder of Baby Bjorn. I was eating my bagel and he came back to me with the article - he’s such a nice guy. We chatted it out, he went back to his office – I had no clue he was going to do this – he came back like 20 minutes later, he printed out the article we discussed about Baby Bjorn and handed it to me. And I thought, “oh my gosh, this guy is amazing”, and number two “this is a sign”. I realized at that moment, I was going to reach out to Baby Bjorn and ask her how did she do it? How was this a reality? And that was my journey.

I started reaching out to woman after woman, asking them to interview them on “having it all”. What that meant to them and if they thought that was even possible. So I completed 30 interviews, and this was all during my maternity leave by the way, and I started reading all of my notes. I started talking to my friends about it and my friends were really interested and they wanted to know more. And as I went thru all these stuff, I realized that there were some key things that I saw. And I knew, one, that I needed to share this information out because whenever I talk to someone about it, they: A- “Oh my gosh Stacy you are so passionate about this”, but B were like “And I want to hear more because I have the same questions”.

And so I worked on this and then I went back to work full time and so I did not have time to work on it. And then I came back and finally have gotten to a point where I summed all of these findings up and realized “It isn’t so much about having it all”, because these women across the board argued on whether they have it all, if they wanted to have it all, if you could have it all at the same time. What they would all share in common were certain things. Things that made them happier, healthier and felt more successful. Mind you, these are all million dollar entrepreneurs with very successful business who also had families. I interviewed women who had sold their businesses, others were just starting and others who were on the midst of it. Just on a side note, I’ve consolidated all these findings and so if you want you can go ahead and go to and you can download this if you want to read the transcripts as well as the findings and information I’ve done and it’s totally free.

What are some of the top level findings I found: These women all exercised – and I’m thinking “Okay, so I drop my kids off to school, I got to pick them up, I have a full time job, how am I going to exercise?” – they found a way to do it. They had a community of support, and yes that sounds generic, but it was very specific. In that was a community support of like-minded individuals, where there were women supporting women, helping them to make decisions. They had supportive husbands and they all planned really, really well. It wasn’t about doing the reactive, it was about sitting down, taking the extra time planning ahead and helping to keep organized. Another one which I didn’t mention in writing, but it kept coming up is therapy. Therapy, therapy, therapy! These women talked, got over their issues, and I know I have a lot of issues, but they got professional help to talk it out, and help them to get past their issues and continue to go to therapy so that they continue to overcome their issues and be the best version of themselves.

So as I started to see all these things, it’s not so much about having it all – and of course we all want to have it all, and I want to have it all – but it’s about looking at what are these key things and habits that people are doing and how do we learn a little bit about them. How can we be more specific and actually figuring out how we can implement these things in our daily life to make these habits simple, easy and executable? And so that’s what this podcast is about.

We’re going to go thru and interview experts on personal development, on health, on wellness, on relationships, parenting and any of the other topics that come up so that we can be better parents and in return raise better, happier, healthier children.

So, the first few episodes that you’ll hear are recordings from the past interviews on “How to Have It All”, and then from there we have some additional podcast getting into topics related to parenting and we’ll continue to do that on a weekly basis.

And please, please, please! If you have any topics that you want to cover, reach out to me, let me know so that we can make sure we’re covering topics that you guys are interested in.

Thank you so much for listening! And enjoy!

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