10-12 months

Oct 07, 2016 0 Comments
10-12 months

Hi Mommies! I know you may be busy planning and preparing for baby’s first birthday but let us not forget that presence always means way more than presents! It’s something that I try to keep in mind as well in raising my kids. During this period (10-12 months), we may be panicking already on where to celebrate his birthday, who to invite, what food will be best, how’s the budget, but remember this: never forget to still monitor your child’s milestones. These are things that make us appreciate our little one a bit more and the time that we spend monitoring them is also a way of bonding with our child. To help you distinguish these milestones, here are tips for babies 10-12 months:


  1. Your baby can now stand and walk around if they’re holding onto furnitures or anything that can guide them. In some cases, babies can already walk at this stage!
  2. They can now pull to a stand and take a few steps on their own.
  3. They are now more flexible; they can move from one position to another to do what they want.
  4. They are now stable while sitting down. It doesn’t make us nervous anymore if we see them sitting on their own because they’ve gained stability even if they turn their heads.
  5. They can now maintain balance.
  6. They can now clap their hands.
  7. They now enjoy listening to songs and might have a favorite one too!
  8. They can now either crawl or take little steps towards a sound they hear or something they see.
  9. They can now call people who are usually there for them (mama, papa)
  10. They respond to simple commands like “come here” or “go there”
  11. This is the part where they sound like they’re saying something that we can’t seem to understand (or jargoning).
  12. They can now say one to two words.
  13. They can now pay attention to what you’re looking at or what you’re pointing on.
  14. This is the time where their hands can already feed themselves.
  15. The variety of food that they’re eating is growing larger.
  16. They may be ready for spoon feeding.
  17. They enjoy tasting or smelling different kinds.
  18. They will start to use open cups.


The milestones that are mentioned here are written based on the usual experiences of mothers of babies under this age bracket. If your baby’s milestones are greater than this, congratulations! Way to go! If you think that your baby’s behind these milestones, there’s no need to worry, every child has their own phase in developing things. Or if you are bothered by this, you can contact your pediatrician just to make sure. At the end of the day, the best gift that we can give to our babies is the tender loving care that best comes from us, mommies!