12-18 months

Oct 07, 2016 0 Comments
12-18 months

This next entry would discuss about the milestones that babies reach from 12-18 months. Time flies pretty fast, right? It seems like it was only yesterday that we were nestling that little sensitive baby in our arms and those sleepless nights! Now, they’ve grown from that phase into this phase where they’re beginning to look and act like a kid! Of course, even if they seem to have grown, we still shouldn’t stop keeping an eye on those milestones and to help you, here are some tips:


  1. Your baby will be able to walk independently or in some cases, take little steps, and believe me, once they start walking, it gets pretty hard to chase them.
  2. They now know their name and they respond to it whenever they’re called.
  3. Their emotions will start to be visible whenever they’re happy or sad.
  4. They can now go on a sitting position from lying on the bed.
  5. For some, their babies can now speak and communicate with them in such a way that we already understand.
  6. Dressing them up is not a difficult task anymore! They now cooperate by extending their arms, legs, etc.
  7. You’ll notice that they love looking at the mirror and this is because they enjoy seeing their self in the mirror.
  8. They can now match gestures with words to express what they want to say.
  9. They can now roll a ball.
  10. Their play time is already extended.
  11. They can now match things accordingly.
  12. They can now follow easy instructions.
  13. You can now start teaching them body parts and they will be able to identify once you ask them.
  14. They love to say “no” during this stage.
  15. They can now do the “shh” sound accompanied with the gesture.
  16. They will also start running!
  17. They will now start to climb anything.
  18. They will be able to imitate the use of the objects that you use everyday (cellphones, remote controls, etc.)
  19. They can now connect two words, further making them understandable.
  20. They can now do “pretend” games. This is actually good as it sharpens your child’s creativity.
  21. They can now kick a ball.
  22. They can now dance when they hear a song.
  23. They can now flip pages in a book and observe more the pictures they see.
  24. Once they get hold of a pen, they will start doodling/scribbling.
  25. You can now start potty training them.


The milestones that are mentioned here are written based on the usual experiences of mothers of babies under this age bracket. If your baby’s milestones are greater than this, congratulations! Way to go! If you think that your baby’s behind these milestones, there’s no need to worry, every child has their own phase in developing things. Or if you are bothered by this, you can contact your pediatrician just to make sure. At the end of the day, the best gift that we can give to our babies is the tender loving care that best comes from us, mommies!