Talking with Olga is inspirational. She is one of those rock-star women who more than made it worked, but has excelled with 3 businesses, and a family.

She came to the US when she was in her 20s, and built her life from the ground-up. She learned English while in the US, and became a single mom.  Despite the odds, she has excelled with her businesses and Dream Big Podcast with her daughter Eva.

I think you will really enjoy the interview with Olga Karpman.

About Olga. Born in Siberia, Russia. When she finished college she thought of exploring the world. She didn’t grow up traveling, except within Russia, so when she turned 21 she took the advantage to travel to the United States and learn English. She came to the US with only $300 in her pocket and zero English. The challenges did not stop her in anyway which is why she wanted to be called an explorer and a positive thinker- she sees everything exciting and she was so ready to explore the world which is what got her to where she’s at today.  She was able to start a job with a fashion company in Los Angeles, she became a U.S. citizen and she went on to meet her husband, Alex Karpman, later in life.

Growing up in Russia makes her appreciative of what she has now and she can definitely say that she’s living the American Dream.

Their love story.   She came to the US when she was 21 and a couple of years later she was able to make money and travel. She was on her way to visit her hometown in Russia, but planned on first visiting her friends in the UK. Alex Karpman, who just took the bar exam, thought of travelling to Europe for a couple of months while waiting for the results. The two met, Olga then 23, Alex 24, as they were seated right next to each other and they just started talking on the plane. Olga was just starting a new relationship back then, but just so they can get connected and maybe bump into each other in LA they both exchanged email addresses.

Once Olga reached Russia, she received an email from Alex telling her that she was the best passenger he got seated with amongst all the flights he’s had. They continued to be friends and even got to see each other, have coffee, while at the back of her mind Olga was like, “Wow, it’s pretty cool to have a lawyer friend in LA. I’m new to this country…”

They continue to be in touch, and when Olga was 28, she already had Eva and is a single mom. She remembered Alex sending his congratulations thru Facebook for getting married and having a kid, which she responded to and said she has a daughter but never got married.

They then realized that they were the ones meant for each other. Olga was glad that their relationship started when they were both ready to be settled not during the time they first met, when she was still 23.

Alex proposed to Olga and Eva which is how their little family started.

Olga mentions that she believes that there’s always a perfect time for everything. She did not choose to be a single mom but it happens. She’s grateful for everything that has happened, otherwise she wouldn’t have such an amazing family with the addition of Sophia, her and Alex’s daughter. She went on to continue that everything happens for a reason at the right time which is also the message they teach on Dream Big podcast.

Dream Big Podcast. Olga started her business in Russia when Eva was born. She was in marketing and PR, a pioneer of bringing the internet conferences. So what she’s doing right now on their podcast with daughter Eva is what she’s been doing 10 years ago from a Russian speaking community.

She’s always in that field of always listening, always learning. Everything they have at home is pretty much educational. While driving, they don’t just sit and look around but they listen to anything inspirational or something educational.

Eva started school when she was 5 and it was pretty far from their house. So every morning they would have to drive 40 minutes on the way to school and 40 minutes back. So they start a conversation, they play games, but the ritual won’t last that long. Olga then asked her daughter if she’s interested in listening to what Olga’s listening to. Eva would then listen to the podcast with them and started to love it. Eva grew up seeing Olga being on camera and radio all the time so she often mentions, “Mom, I want to be hosting a show with you”, as early as when she was two. Eva brought it up a couple of times where she asked her parents if there’s any show they can listen to that is for kids? The shows they listen to are sometimes long, or they have to turn it off because of the language.  So they started researching and got surprised that there was nothing on podcast that was geared to kids. With Eva wanting to be like her mom, she asked they create one.

So they tried coming up with ideas, doing research if it would be worth their time, if anyone’s going to listen to them, etc.

They then went on to conduct and record interviews and see how it goes from there. They started when Eva turned 7. Eva loved it and she learned a lot from their guests and she even applies what she’s learned from them. Seeing the commitment and interest their daughter has for the podcast they then published the show on October 2016.

Eva. Olga mentions that kids change all the time. Eva was so outgoing when she was young, but when she started school and she was 7 she became more conscious about what she does, what she says, while on their podcast she can be very confident but still watchful with what she asks as they don’t often edit their interviews.

With Eva’s shyness they then used the podcast to help her grow tremendously by talking to people. It takes time for her to get comfortable with other people so she’s very cautious on what to say during their interview. She would observe, learn and understand the situation before she starts showing herself.

The podcast helps Eva not to be afraid especially in public speaking.

Olga and Eva’s relationship. Kids around 6-7 years old become very bossy and parents no longer are the authority. They go to school and learn the best and worst especially from their peers. At some point, Eva became distant when her sister Sophia came to be a part of the family. She was very open about her feelings and a bit of jealousy from her sister.

With the podcast, it brought Eva and Olga together since they have the common interest. They’re able to spend more time together in preparing the interview, or simply watching cool videos as their one-on-one time and get to choose who they want to interview.  They even sometimes go on dates, Olga with a coffee and Eva with her hot chocolate where they get to talk about their upcoming interview which became their tradition. As a reward for doing a great interview they also would go get nachos or ice cream, or go for a walk or anything to celebrate.

Her relationship with Eva is ideal.  She doesn’t want to be her daughter’s best friend but she wants to be seen still as Eva’s parent. They are very close though and they share a lot of things. Eva became more open with her feelings and they also talk on how they can improve on things, etc., and is now closer to her sister Sophia.

Big Dreams. The podcast helped their relationship as mother and daughter even professionally.  The trend in the market right now is mostly in audio. It helped people to express themselves in different ways. The process of doing their podcast is very enjoyable but Olga’s main happiness comes from their reviews as well as grateful emails - how their show changes people’s lives, how the podcast helps parents bond with their kids.

They have big dreams for the podcast and they listen to the community and is excited to see where the podcast would go. They are doing what they love and see that they are bringing tremendous value to people as well as the kids.

Their podcast aims to teach kids at a very young age to apply the principles they share. Down the road when these kids are to make a decision, make a commitment or anything for that matter, they have these knowledge. Kid’s brains are like sponges, they absorb things taught to them and it’s better to learn at a very young age.

And with the current technology, they have chosen audio to reach out to those kids and share their message.

Knowledge turned into actionable items. Every show, Eva and Olga take note of the learnings from the interview and turns them into actionable items. A challenge for the audience which is customizable with their faces. Kids learn best when they see themselves in action – i.e. meditating, eating veggies, etc. So they used their company called, where they can customize items/printouts. Guests can download them and have a discussion with their kids or come up with a price especially if the action item would take days. This helps kids be excited about doing something.

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