Jenna Zigler is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eyecare for yourself and your family. She shared with us how to get a free eye exam for your baby under 1 years old, how you can care for your eyes daily, and what you can do to protect your kid's eyes...sunglasses, anyone? I think you will really enjoy all the eye information she shares with us on this episode.


Jenna. She is passionate about helping people see the best they can. She works at a clinic and at the same time she, together with her husband, have their own eye wellness company called Eye Love.

They love going to Jamaica to provide assistance to those who needs it and thru Eye Love they’re able to do more of these projects.

Eye Love. Eye Love helps fund their trips to Jamaica. They love going back to the said country as people are friendly, welcoming and thankful with everything they do. They set-up a clinic to see and check anyone who needs medical care.

This June, they started their pay-what-you-can project where patients pay what they can for their check-up fee or for glasses they need.

They do not take any Insurance as this would limit them with the programs they have envisioned for their clinic/online business. A lot of their patients doesn’t have eye insurance so it made sense to get out of the network and let people pay what they can.

Eye care for babies. Babies should have an eye exam before they reach 1 year old. Pediatrician perform these checks but is simply a screening tool, whereas an eye exam will give information about the health of their eyes. Visiting an optometrist would help doctors catch so many things. Most kids are super healthy, but there are a few where they catch eye diseases and parents doesn’t even have any idea. Kids at a young age don’t know that they should see really well until they get older. Visiting an optometrist would help the kids, their eyes will be checked before they even say there’s something wrong. It’s a public health program that gives free eye exams for infants between 6 months to a year old. 6 months would be the right time to check how the baby’s eyes developed. Visiting the website will show a list of doctors within the area who participates in this program.

Vision. They have a plan of where they want their company to go in the next couple of years.  They envision Eye Love would help with the worldwide vision issue. There are 700 million people who are functionally blind since they don’t have access to functional glasses. People lose their sight due to cataracts. People who are over 40 lose their vision which takes away their ability to work and provide for their family. Eye Love’s Vivid Vision is to help on all that. When you purchase from Eye Love, a portion of the funds from their sales is placed in the Eye Love Cares foundation which is already funding eye exams in their clinic, Eye Care glasses for their mission trips, and future scholarships for optometry students whose gone and/or are interested in the eye care mission trips.

Sunglasses. Have your family wear a great pair of sunglasses even your babies. A lot of the sun exposure we get in our lives happen before we are 18 years old. Two main things to look for when buying a pair of sunglasses: It is 100% UV protected and it is Polarized sunglasses.

 Healthy Eyes. Start with the 20/20/20 rule, where for every 20 minutes, look up from your computer 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps your eyes relax.

Keep your eyes from being dry through the “blinking exercise”.  Squeeze eyelids forcefully for a few seconds then open. This allows the oils from the eyelids to coat your eye so they aren’t as dry.

Wear computer glasses. You can use blue light blocking/ blue blocking glasses. Blue light is harmful to the eyes. There’s a study where blue light can disrupt your sleep and cause macular degeneration. Wear glasses the whole time you use the computer or anytime you’re looking at the screen even late at night. Same thing for kids.

Everyone’s Priority.

  1. Have your kids take an eye exam especially if you haven’t brought them to an optometrist yet.
  2. Sunglasses for everybody
  3. Blue light protection especially when staring at a screen


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