18-24 months

Oct 07, 2016 0 Comments
18-24 months

It’s been two years! Two years since you gave birth to this wonderful creature. At some point, it sounds fast, it’s like you didn’t notice that that was already two years that have passed since those sleepless nights feeding and changing diapers! But you’re here now and there’s no reason to stop watching over your child. In this article, I will not mention a lot of milestones for this age group as the development of children really vary and differ. What I’m going to mention here are general milestones for this age group.


  1. They have now developed their own taste. They’ve become more picky when it comes to the food that they eat, the clothes that they wear and what they will do.
  2. They now have more control of their bladder. If the child has already been potty trained, he will be able to pee or poop as adults do.
  3. They can now say a phrase or a whole sentence to express what they want and need.
  4. They can now eat by themselves using utensils but of course, still with supervision.
  5. They can now run well.
  6. They are starting to learn to brush their teeth on their own but still needs assistance.
  7. They can now start to take off their own clothes and dress themselves independently.


In general, this stage is where the basic skills are now established. Our children just needs further nourishment and guidance specially from us, mommies. It is very crucial that we spend lots of times with our kids as it benefits both the kid and the parent. It’s not very hard to make time for them. You just need to sort out your priorities. Our children will only be babies once, will only be kids once, will only be teenagers once, why not be with them every step of the way? That way, you’ll know your children well and your child will grow up as responsible adults. When our children grows up, they will have their own life, will only be with you on special occasions and it would feel really good to have good and happy memories to remember when you see your kids all grown up. Let’s start appreciating each day that we have with our kids as these are the stories that we will be telling once we grow old, these are the memories that, even though we may have grown old, we know that we have raised children who will continue our legacy as a person. Believe it or not, we mommies have the biggest impact on the set of values our children will carry as they go on in life. In this world filled with distractions, the only thing that would matter when all else fails is how much we’ve loved and there’s no person that needs our love than our own children. While you have them now, give them the light that they will carry through the darkness in this world.