Shannon has this innate power of recognizing what you see as challenges that maybe you're not aware of. It's this crazy ability to push on  your pressure points to have you recognize them and to move away those challenges to help you to really come into your own. She is so phenomenal and so inspirational. Everytime I talk to her and i leave, i feel so energized. And that's so important when interacting with people.

Shannon Presson. Shannon describes herself as a transformational coach, and adventurer. She's been coaching for 10 years now. She worked previously as a corporate event planner which is a dream job for her; however she hit this moment where she felt like everything she has chosen in life wasn't reallly working for her. Shannon Presson. Shannon describes herself as a transformational coach, and adventurer. She's been coaching for 10 years now. She worked previously as a corporate event planner which is a dream job for her; however she hit this moment where she felt like everything she has chosen in life wasn't really working for her.

She had  this intuitive hit where she followed up on one of the ads she saw where you would be paid to travel and thought that would be the best job ever. And it did turn out to be an amazing career that lasted for about 20 years where she got to travel all around the world. She got to see incredible things and do amazing work.

When she turned 50, she realized she didn't want to be on the road anymore, so she asked herself "What is it that I love to do, that I would do even if i didn't get paid for it?"

So she started looking at her own life and her journey and realized that the thing she's been doing her entire life is reinventing herself. Taking a look at where she was at any given moment in time and saying "What's next? What else is possible?".

And that's where she finds her joy and passion, and being able to work with people who felt stuck. Like they didn't know what their path was. They didn't know what their purpose was. Or they're doing everything they knew how to do and the results they were getting were so out of balance with what they were desiring.

She got into coaching and fell in love with it.  She actually took a year-long training that included an opportunity to learn how to coach with horses which was perfect since she loves animals and nature.

She feels really blessed having a diverse living arrangement as she gets to be in an urban city such as San Francisco bay area and also gets to live in Idaho which allows her to get into the energy of the city life, and then back off, get back to nature and reconnect with that instinctual self.

Incongruence. Shannon claims that being highly intuitive and empathetic , she gets this sense in her body that something is not right. She too cannot explain it, but she senses incongruence - literally a sensation in her body. She is an auditory person, so she tends to listen on a number of different levels. She said that we are constantly broadcasting information  even if we dont realize it. All human beings have a capacity for intuition. The only difference is most of us aren't trained or taught to pause and stop for that moment and go like "What's going on here?".

For Shannon, she' been like that her whole life. What she learned from her training is to deepen the pause. So if she sense that incongruency - somebody's talking about things and she is intently listening, there would be a moment where the question would appear.

She believes that we have all the answers inside of us, we just don't have a good system for accessing them. And what she's capable of doing is asking the kinds of questions that can lead you to the right path. We are all incredibly powerful people, it's just that we forget a lot!

Common things people are challenged with. Coaches approach the process based on their gifts and talents. For Shannon, her perspective is that, everyone has a set of lessons. The commonality is that we pick circumstances or we come in to the world setting it up for ourselves.

For Shannon, it's all about self worth, self acceptane, recognition, and "Where do i disallow that? Where do I pretend? Or where do I act as if I don't deserve? Or I don't feel I'm worthy". We all have a level of that "not good enought", "Don't know enough", "don't have what it takes", so the trick is to discover where we determine that story was true and then learning to recreate a new story in our brain.

A lot of it is digging back in time to identify those original stories and then creating a new story that's way more empowering.

Where to begin. First is to take 100% responsibility for the story. Saying I dont' know what's wrong, I don't know what's happening and I don't even know how to fix it, but I know that at some level I am a partner of this issue, I'm dancing with this issue in some way. If we go on say, "if only the job opportunities were  better", "if only my boss was better", "if only my significant other would act a certain way then everything would be okay with me" - that's putting the story outside of yourself and hoping that when the other thing changes you'll have what you want. That doesn't work. It never works because then you've given control away.

If you take the control back and say like, "Okay, let's just start with the fact that I know in some way that I'm dancing with this issue", in some way it is providing and filling a need to identify why you do the thing you do.


The core for all of us, we have behaviors that we don't know why we do them. A good coach, one that is capable of actively listening, can ask you the right questions to let you understand why you do what you do so that you can find a more empowering way to get the thing you need rather than the result you're getting.


Fierce Love. There's no time limit. If people say they need to fix a problem, there's a sense of intensity. A lot of people live in this culture of instantaneous gratification. For Shannon it is a mystery - a fantastic, amazing puzzle that we've come on this journey and we forget that it's really about love.

Fierce love - for ourselves, families,and for the world at large, is the most important thing, but we forget that it has to come from within us before it can be seen outside of us.

When we look at love and say that we're not finding the right partner, Shannon asks the question, "Well, what is it within you that you don't see and you don't love?" That's a question she mentions that not everybody is ready for.

There's always  a path, but not all paths are the right one. A good coach has a two-fold job - (1) very active and very professional listener, (2) recognize that perhaps sometimes i'm not the right coach for people; I'm not the right person because I am always going to go to the deepest most passionate part of you to bring that forward, because i know that whatever we don't see in the world is something that we don't see within ourselves.

If we begin to see the love within ourselves, if we begin to see ourselves without judgement and criticality but begin with that wondering curiosity, it changes everything.

Not until you clear the story. One thing that Shannon learned early on was to take really good notes.  The amazing thing about transformation is when we incorporate the change, whatever the change is.

The cool thing about the brain is that once we let go of something, we actually don't remember what's the problem.

The unfinished business get stuck in our brain. Until you clear that story, the things that triggers us - those experiences, activities, personal relationships, if they don't get cleared, they just get congested. Everytime we see that thing, it triggers that story. Even if that story is already 20-years old, it's still impacting us. That's a big prt of coaching, it helps you get where you are to where you want to go and get the stuff in the middle cleared out so that you have a clear passage to literally move from point a to point b.

What can we do. Recognition, acknowledgement, that something is a trigger.  That it's not current and that it's in the past.

That place of, "Okay, I'm taking 100% responsibility, the next step is to get out of  judgement about it." That we don't even remember the details but the emotions attached to it.

To be able to move into a place of compassion, and getout of judgement, get out of criticality - "I'm so stupid", or "the other person is so stupid".  The judgement call versus "What is it that I'm really feeling in this moment" and to move in to curiosity, to move into wonder. Stay out of judgement and get that "Oh, isn't this interesting..."

We didn't come into this world with our behavior, but we picked this up along the way. Ask the question "Where did i get this from?", then "What was the purpose?"

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