Maruxa coaches moms that wants to create value-driven businesses, as well as founding Perky-Perky coffee. She is also founder of Austin's Moms Network. She hosts #aroundthecup, a daily dose of Maruxa and friends discussing parenting, finding your inner power, and everything in between.

Maruxa Murphy. She considers herself to be lucky and blessed to have found her mission in this world. She had a realization that she is here to encourage women to show up and step up in their power and voice. She learned all these through the different roles she has - especially her role of being a mom.

Her partner’s name is Dennis and she is a mom of three girls. She has a coffee brand called Perky Perky which invites women to step into their power from the first cup in the morning onwards.

She partnered to create communities with women all throughout the United States to help those women create mission-driven communities. She is the co-founder of Austin Mom’s Network in Austin, Texas where she lives. It already has 11,000 women in the group all based in Austin. They all believe that it takes a village to raise a mom.

She does a lot of random things, but is all connected to her core-mission which is to invite women to step into their power.

Gratitude and Wins. Mornings, she starts it with gratitude, while at night, she thinks of the wins of the day.

She writes down at least 3 wins that really made a big impact on her, or something that she’s growing, or something to do with her family. These helps her sleep really well, as she gets to own the fact that she’s fully alive.

Growth. She had no idea when she made a bold claim, which was to invite women to step into their power, when she launched Perky Perky.

What it’s done is that it made her accountable to showing up daily, to asking herself “Am I standing on my own voice? Am I standing on my own power today?”

She realized, with the Perky Perky brand, she created that as a way to share that bigger message of inviting women to step into their power.  One of the ways for Maruxa to step into her power was to own her place in the mecca of coffee space in Austin. Literally 4 weeks into creating the company, she was nominated and is a finalist for an award ceremony that recognizes the best of the best for small businesses in Austin.

She is standing for coffee that is not just a coffee company, but for a coffee that sparks a conversation that women matter. That women are a part of our community and we are asking for a voice and we start everyday with coffee.

Learning how to be bold enough to do things that never felt comfortable before - this also makes her step back into her power again. She doesn’t need to be manly or different but showing up in the woman that she is

Challenges. One of the areas that Maruxa was uncomfortable with was building relationships with people that inspire her. She considers herself as a newbie coffee brand and she realized that she’s not building a coffee brand for brand’s sake, but she’s building a brand for a much bigger mission. It’s gotten a lot more clear as to how she choose to show up in the story, so when she becomes friends with sales director or sales representatives for other coffee brands, they can literally be in the same space and not feel like they’re each other’s competition. Instead they are in a space of collaboration and empowering one another to do the best that they can do in selling their coffee.

Yin and Yang. In a lot of Maruxa’s career she felt that if someone is to live fully out loud – they’re brilliant, they’re awesome, they’re genius, etc. – in a scale of 1 to 10, that is a 10! In most of her career, she’s been living a 6 or a 7. Part of that is because she thinks the only way for her to grow business has been to hustle, hustle, hustle.

She is learning a lot about the feminine and masculine energies and recognizing that we need both in – the yin and the yang of each of us has those feminine qualities and masculine energy qualities. Masculine energy are things like, “how do we produce the results?”, it’s the hustle, it’s being in the grind, the doing. While the feminine energy is the one that’s reflective, connective, collaborative and creative.

In building business, we need both for sure.

She found that she needs to lead the hustle to get things done. What she’s leaning into this year is learning how her feminine strengths go for “What if I led with that to make sales? Could that work?”. She dared herself to do that this year. That’s one of the courageous things for her where she asks herself “Can I actually lead from that place that makes me feel really happy?”. If she could just be herself, or do it the way other people do it.

Most environments she’s been in in the past are very masculine, where it’s a very normal part of the process. While she wants to create more space to be in a circle, build from that space, it wasn’t necessarily what a lot of those cultures wanted either. A lot of the cultures are like, “What is your productive?”, “how are you going to produce this?”, etc which is just different. Both are great, but she feels more at home with her body at this point.

Powerful time.

We are so lucky today, as we get to do life on our terms.

Today we have the ability to speak to people all around the world with the touch of a button. We get to create our dream jobs from our houses, or we could go to the office whichever works for each of us - we can choose that and actually do that.

This is a powerful time for us to be able to create whatever we want. That means that our personality gets to show up in however we choose to have them show up and our kids get to see that.


Whenever Maruxa build a brand or work with someone to build a community, she thinks about, “What are the values that you’re going to impart as part of that community.

When talking about values she looks at: Who are the founders?; What do they really, truly believe in?

If you’re creating a company that you’ll sell at some point or a service-based company it doesn’t matter.Whoever the founder is of that company is going to be at their best and at their fullest potential when they’re building from a place of value.

When she started Perky Perky, she asked the same questions, “What are the values that I want to bring and infuse into this company that will help it thrive?”.

What she got clear on, in addition to having coffee, what she really wants at the end of the day is that every single one of her customers and onlookers of her brand are these three things  - conversation (both within themselves and with others), connection and community.

We can do all three in person and we can do those virtually.

With all the 3 core values in place, she intentionally thought on how to cultivate that online. She decided to create a Facebook group that gave our community a space to go #aroundthecup together. So while people are all around the globe, we can all be literally around that cup – in that cup, be it water, tea, coffee, wine, etc., and have a heartfelt conversation.

She created this Facebook group as a place to continue those conversations that often times we’re each having alone.

Going around the cup is a space and an opportunity for us to talk about things that matter, because it’s only in conversation that we can really get clear as to what it is that we need for ourselves to be fully alive in who we are.

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