Our guest for today is Lynne Goldberg, who is the co-founder of and OMG! I Can Meditate app. Lynne has a pretty phenomenal story of how she was a pretty stressed person, had a lot of hurdles she had to deal with in her life, and how through all those struggles, she came out the other side with clear vision on her passion in life - meditation. And, we are lucky that she is generously sharing that passion with us and the world today. And she is humble, because the advice she gives to us is that - if she can do it, any of us can do it.

Lynne. She got started with meditation because her mom got diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The doctor suggested that meditation might be useful for her mom, and this was way back so meditation wasn’t as common as how it is out there today.

She was simultaneously undergoing fertility treatment. She thought, if it can help her mom, maybe it can help her too. Everyone kept telling her “If you just relax, you’re going to get pregnant” (laughter), and remembering that, she mentioned that would be the last thing she wanted to hear.

She tried mediation and was honest enough to say that she wasn’t a natural at all, it was very challenging for her. She recalls being in the doctor’s office in stirrups and for her it was horrible. Over time she got comfortable to the point where she wasn’t jumping up right away and it was a little bit better. She would say she was an emergency meditator where she would do it at 3AM in the morning if she wakes up after the wine wore off (laughter).

She was on this treadmill of like “I have to do this, I should do this..” and just so caught up in so many patterns of behavior that

when she got really quiet and paid attention to what lights her up and listen to it and not get caught up with fear it helped her follow that dream. That for her it’s the greatest gift imaginable. She added, if she can do it, anybody can especially that she started as the least likely meditator but now feels so passionate about meditation.

Breethe. The reason why she wanted to have the app was because when she started it was very challenging for her and she wanted someone to just hold her hand.

She would teach people to meditate, but when she teaches she knows that half would meditate and half wouldn’t. So she thought of something that people can take home with them so they can do it with Lynne, but not literally with her.

With the app, they took away all the reasons that people may find to not do it. One of the things they did was to have an alarm clock that has the meditation built in. All they have to do is set the alarm and sit up.

They also tried to find times of the day that might be a useful five minutes here, ten minutes there, and simply take away all the reasons why people shouldn’t be able to do meditation.

They have a 12-week program that teaches everybody all the different things you need to do to get started – it takes you from A to Z. It will teach beginners who doesn’t know how to sit, to someone looking for spiritual enlightenment. They call it the 7-day challenge, from there, people get into the program and it will take them to everything.

They made sure the language is very simple and that it's a user-friendly app to make sure everybody is comfortable.

They have a video that basically says, “How do I know if it's actually working?”  One of the things as per Lynne is that, if you look in the mirror every single day, you wouldn’t really notice the signs of yourself aging and changing, but if you take a snapshot of yourself today to like 5 years ago we for sure would see big changes. It’s similar with meditation, it’s a gradual progression. What you’ll notice right off the bat is probably very little, while other people might notice more.

She mentions that people would notice how you respond to things since meditation helps you slow your heart rate, helps reduce your blood pressure, it helps normalize your digestion, and it helps with your immune system even with your relationship with other people, how you respond with conflicts, helps with your memory, your clarity, and so many more.

Meditation. She mentions that the reason why people are not successful in meditation is because they don’t do it and that was the same issue for when she started. She knew that doing it felt good, but she was honest enough to say that people are having a hard time doing the things that are good for them. She didn’t want to meditate even if she knew it would make her feel better, she was somehow resistant to it. She’d rather have her wine, even though she saw it wasn’t a good strategy. She was an emergency meditator for 6 months or so, then she started to be a bit more diligent. She saw better and better results and thought of actually committing to meditation. 20 years later, it’s something she can’t imagine not having as part of her routine. The day could not start without her doing it.

Daily Routine.  First thing in the morning, rise, pre meditate, get it out of the way.

Lynne mentions everybody has 10 minutes. If it means setting up the alarm 10 minutes earlier, then why not.

Her day starts earlier rather than later. She ensures she always has a good night’s sleep. She wants to wake up before everybody else so she has that private time. She’ll spend an hour or so in meditation and she has a yoga practice that she also does every day - that makes it a total of 2 hours in the morning that’s just hers.

She claims her habit didn’t start the way she does it now, but it’s evolved to become to what she’s practicing.

Getting into the habit. She mentions neuroplasticity - the more we do things the easier it gets. It builds our attention muscle. The more times we do it, the easier it gets, so we have to stick with our routine – make yourself a deal that you’re going to do it for 21 days to get that habit started.

What they have in the app will completely monitor their progress which they can even do with others.

You can do it wherever you can find some space that people can get to respect your space.

It’s one of the cheapest, easiest thing you can do for yourself. It takes ten minutes a day and it’s one of the things that can prevent so many diseases. So for her, meditation is amazing!

Teaching. She started teaching in schools; however the time won’t be enough so there are some asking for tools they can take home with them. So then she started creating videos where she asked her husband, who’s in the technology business, if he can help her with some tape recordings and her husband was like, “Lynne, it’s called an app” (laughter). So it was her husband who figured out how to do the technological stuff.

Get Balanced. Get Blissed. We have different pathways in our bodies to the state of happiness and bliss. It starts with our physical body, moving into our energetic body, our mind body and as we move through all this channels we arrive at the state of bliss.

She was interested in trying to explain to people on how they could do that for themselves. She’s had so many life events that have been so painful – her mother died, she got pregnant and lost her twin girls, got divorced and thrown out of their family business, and she describes it as the perfect storm of “What the hell!” As all those things happened, she was trying to figure out how to make peace with the fact that all the identities she had was gone. The thing that helped her the most was her meditation practice.

Through her book, she gave a formula for everything from moving through food as a tool for health to arriving at meditation and finding out what really makes you happy - uncovering it so you can live and enjoy your life to the best of your ability.

She added, we’re put here to develop our own talents and not to get stuck into something you hate doing every day. Life’s too short.

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