If I were to write my rules for a happy life, what would they be? I can say that I am too young to know, but I’m 35. I’m old enough to know, and old enough to have kids, which means old enough to pass on the wisdom.


Stacy’s 6 Rules for a Happy Life

1.     Build, Grow, and Get Better Each Day- Do one thing each day that scares you. Face fear and slap it in the face. That can be reaching out to the person that you are intimidated by, or giving something to someone else even when you are afraid to open up.

2.     Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative - See the brightness in each day. Recognize the good and cherish it.

3.     Plan, Plan Plan – Don’t just wake up each day and decide what to do that day. Have a plan. Have a schedule. Have a larger vision you are working towards. With those larger goals, it will get rid of the crap, and have you do only what you need to do. Don’t get caught in the fluff. Work on the larger mission.

4.     Get up Early – Wake up early. Have quiet time to start your day. It will make the difference throughout the whole day.

5.     Never Give Up – Your life is measured by how far you can come along. Don’t stop on the road. Don’t give up. Keep trying. Keep pushing, overcome your road bumps, overcome your challenges. You will grow better and bigger when you overcome your challenges. Work hard each day.

6.     Have Fun – Set aside time each day to have fun. Many people might not agree with this one. This could be spending time writing, if you enjoy writing, or it can be going for a run. This means healthy fun. This isn’t smoking, but playing baseball, or reading to your kids, or maybe it is baking.