Naya Weber is a certified lactation consultant based in Austin, Texas. She teaches classes on breastfeeding education and blogs about motherhood, breastfeeding and more. In this podcast, Naya discusses topics such as what government support you could expect, what you shouldn't be doing when breastfeeding; finally the must-have's for breastfeeding moms.

Naya Weber. She is a wife and a mom of two boys, ages 7 and 3 1/2. She is also a lactation consultant where she helps families in the early stages of breastfeeding, working through issues they may have - like with latch or positioning, discomforts and/or questions on pumping. Naya works with an older infant whose about to transition to solid foods or with parents who are going back to work or anything that has to do with infant feeding, or transitioning to or away from breastfeeding.

Challenges. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world but doesn't come naturally to moms and babies. Several things make breastfeeding challenging.One is if infants are born pre-term, whether they're premature and require a NICU stay or just a couple of weeks pre-term, that can present a whole lot of issues. Keeping the baby awake while they're feeding, making sure that they're feeding actively, making sure that they're getting all those diaper count, which can be very overwhelming for parents whether it's their first or fourth baby.

There's so much change that happens in a family unit not just with feeding but with a new family member. Often times, lactation consultation is not just about breastfeeding and getting infants fed. It's also about transitioning to becoming a family unit with this new family member.

Breastfeeding. It should not hurt. A little discomfort when a baby initially latches on especially in those early weeks is very common but should go away in a couple of seconds. It's a new sensation and sometimes it just takes a little while getting used to how that feels like. Nipples should never change in shape or in color but may change a little in size. There shouldn't be any cracks or scabs and bleeding, these are signs that you should contact a lactation consultant.

Benefits. There are a lot of benefits not just for babies but also for moms. The immunological benefits are phenomenal - it can really help reduce infant's risk of getting sick. It also helps reduce risks of diabetes, cancer, as well as multiples sclerosis. There are more and more researches coming out as to how breastfeeding could be beneficial for mom and baby.

Support for moms. Most insurance companies should provide moms with a brand new breast pump at no cost for moms for every pregnancy that she has. There are several private insurance companies that cover lactation support. If the lactation support is with one of those networks then there should be no cost to the moms. While if they're not in the network, they can simply provide the mother with the bill that can be reimbursed from their insurance.

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Working moms. On a federal level, there is the Break time for nursing moms Act. An employee that is a breastfeeding mother can go and pump as many times as she needs to during the day without penalty; however, she needs to clock out in order to pump. In addition, the law also says that a company with more than 50 employees needs to provide that mom with a private place to pump that's not a bathroom. With these, it seems that the importance of breastfeeding is finally trickling down.

Must Haves.

1. One thing that breastfeeding moms should have is a comfortable chair or couch where she would be spending most of her time breastfeeding or pumping.

2. Getting a hands-free bra especially for working moms is essential so you won't need to hold on to your pump or bottles for 20 minutes anytime you need to express.

3. Water bottle to quench your thirst when breastfeeding or pumping.

4. One-handed snacks are really really important for moms. Often times you'll have one hand with the baby or the pump, while you need to eat something - anything that is high in protein, in order to produce milk.

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