Today’s guest is Dr. Carla Cupido. She is passionate about bringing movement into everyday life and not just through exercise like you normally would everyday but integrating that into your daily activity seriously is so important - it makes sense from a scheduling and lifestyle perspective. Honestly everything she talks about sounds so much fun. Enjoy today’s episode.

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Carla Cupido. A passionate person trying to live in wholeness. She’s a mother of two girls, a two and a half and a 5-year old.

She is a doctor of chiropractic,  and the creator of lioness, which is all about guiding women back into their bodies thru physical play to reclaim their selves and to reconnect with their sense of wholeness.

Chiropractic. She decided when she was 16 that she would be a chiropractor. She’s thrilled with the idea that she would be able to help people through a natural form of healing using their hands and bodies to get back to whatever they love.

It’s been over 10 years since she’s practicing chiropractic and also constantly finding ways to help people. Recently she founded Lioness which helps women to step out of their minds and bodies and dropping the facades, reigniting that courage and lightness of our youth, deeper connection with nature, art and feeling ourselves in a way that we’ve all forgotten. Again, seeing her patients live in wholeness.

Right now, how we live in the society is that we’re not moving enough anymore because of digital devices. So many people are doing it for the wrong reasons, they’re moving because they want to lose weight and look good again, rather than moving because they love it.

As a mom she experienced trying to find herself while being there for her family all of the time.

Busy mom. We have to understand that exercise is everywhere. It’s the idea of turning our life into play and into rehab, or strength training. Integrating movement in a day with the children or even at the office when not with the kids.

It’s a lot about obstacles and it allows you to look at your environment really differently whereas if there’s a park bench instead of walking past it let’s walk along the back of it, or if there’s a rock let’s see if we can jump up onto it and land off of it.  It’s learning how to move again and reconnecting to that with watching your children. Kids start to do a lot of amazing things that you can mimic, walk backwards, sideways, act like ducks, birds, etc. - getting into your creative being again. Figuring out how to get from A to B with your family in a way that it’s not only fun but it’s going to help me strengthen my body and stimulate my brain.

Power. A pride of women that gather together. The concept of a female lion of being fierce and powerful - like a lion, there’s a time that they stay with their young, and also the female lion does other work. As women we so often forget that. In lioness they have a mindset shift, remembering how physically capable we are, how powerful we are.

As parents we are resilient who just can get through anything and there is that real power, while the other part is the lioness is the pride of these women supporting and lifting one another.

Vision. They are currently running sessions for a year now. Every Sunday they have a session that last for an hour to an hour and a half where they basically head out to the forest.

It’s everything from carrying heavy rocks to rolling logs, crawling like animals, climb up on top of boulders, etc. It’s taking a mindfulness practice that is already built into the activities they’re doing where some are even accomplished during their still, silent and peaceful meditation.

They take time to slow down and they enter their bodies at a deeper level, they connect with nature and with each other and feel that stillness.

Every week is different. Their surrounding is different, while women who joins can be anyone, a mom or not, and each one may have different intentions of joining; however everyone leaves more whole and more in themselves, which Carla believes is the root of being happy.

The drive for most people to join is feeling strong and fit again. They feel like they’ve lost touch with their body, they may feel not as lean as they want, or not as strong as they want.

What our body’s here for is to experience life and feel awesome in them rather than always focusing on what they look like.

Future. This summer, the Lioness would start with weekend events and creating a local community of women that are supported by weekly real-life human contact.

She envisions the community being larger and the ability to move into different cities.

We live in a fragmented way and we feel we lack a sense of wholeness and it’s piecing those parts again and when we dive back into our bodies, it’s the power of the body to impact the mind on how we think and how we feel is so profound.

It would help by thinking what are the things that makes us light up?

Instead of standing beside the park and watching your children play, get into the park and play with your children. It would not only make you feel good as you’re moving your body but you’re also connecting with your child. The better we are as a human, the better parent we can be.

Challenge yourself. Get into your body by moving it and see what it does to your mind. The science of how we move our body and how it influences our emotions is really awesome. Start testing your body by moving throughout the day – taking the stairs, dancing to your favorite music, getting on the ground with your kids instead of sitting on the couch, and seeing the difference of how you would feel of getting into your body.

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