4-6 months

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4-6 months

As our child steps out of their most sensitive stage which is 0-3 months, comes the time where we get to enjoy most their being babies. This is the time where they already respond to us as we can see in a typical baby video. This is the time where we, mommies, play with them, enjoy their responses and at the same time, enjoy their “babyhood”.


In this stage (4-6 months), our babies’ progress is easy to recognize as their milestones are already obvious. To help you further on distinguishing their milestones, here are a couple of baby milestones for 4-6 month old babies:


  1. Your baby can already sit! Not only that, your baby’s hands can already support his body while sitting.
  2. This is the stage where a mommy is usually careful with her baby because this is the time where the baby keeps on rolling from his tummy to his back and back and forth.
  3. This is the time where your baby’s legs are gaining strength, strong enough to start accepting his entire weight, but of course, still with support from us.
  4. This is the time where if there is a toy within his vision, he can already reach out for the toy while lying on his tummy.
  5. This is the time where they look like they’re curling up, reaching their feet using their hands.
  6. They now use both hands to play with their toys and transfer the toys from one hand to the other
  7. They are generally happy during this stage except, of course, if they are hungry, tired or dirty.
  8. They are already somehow used to everyday sounds and they don’t get upset with them anymore but still gets scared when they hear loud or unexpected noises
  9. They start to make sounds, usually “ba ba ba” or “ma ma ma” and use those sounds to get attention. They will also play with those sounds, close to babbling.
  10. This is also the stage where they would try to mimic sounds and facial expressions.
  11. They show interest in food by opening their mouth when the spoon approaches and they also start to eat pureed food, cereals, etc.
  12. They also show early stages of chewing.



The milestones that are mentioned here are written based on the usual experiences of mothers of babies under this age bracket. If your baby’s milestones are greater than this, congratulations! Way to go! If you think that your baby’s behind these milestones, there’s no need to worry, every child has their own phase in developing things. Or if you are bothered by this, you can contact your pediatrician just to make sure. At the end of the day, the best gift that we can give to our babies is the tender loving care that best comes from us, mommies!