Kimberly is a wife, mother, writer, a long distance runner and a mental health adequate. She is the founder of Santranspo's milk which is a plug dedicated to mental health and motherhood. She is also the creator of the non-profit called Greater Than Illness which helps children and young adults struggling with mental illness. She came up into mental health advocacy after her struggles with postpartum depression.

Kimberly had a long history of mental illnesses in her life. She was diagnosed with depression when she was 15 years old which was 20 years ago. She decided to keep it a big secret because of great stigmas running mental health and mental illness. So for the longest time, she didn't talk about her struggles with mental illness, depression or anxiety and then she had postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter.

Not talking about her condition was definitely a struggle. For her, it was a huge part of who she was and there were only a few people who knew about her mental illness.

Her journey to battle postpartum depression started when she saw a call for publication that was seeking postpartum depression as it is. Being the writer she is, she thought that if there's ever been anything she needs to write about, it's about postpartum depression. So she wrote an essay and send it off, but it did not get accepted. When she got it back, she reread her essay and realized that there's still something she needs to say so she added more to it. She sent the essay to Scary Mommy, a large parenting website, and within about 48 hours, her piece was accepted. That's when she began speaking out about mental health without really thinking about it.