7-9 months

Oct 07, 2016 0 Comments
7-9 months

This stage, 7-9 months of being born, to our child is like the enhancement of the previous stage. As his progress enhances, so does our joy! This is the time where all the things that he was able to do become more controlled and so, the progress is very easy to point out. To help you out in pointing that out, here are a couple of milestones that your baby is achieving during this stage:


  1. They are more steady and more in control while sitting, they are already able to reach for their toys without falling.
  2. Either they are lying down on their tummy or on their back, they can already move into a sitting position.
  3. They tend to show more control in rolling, scooting, and sitting.
  4. They can now crawl and once they see an object which they can hold on to, they pull to a stand.
  5. They enjoy variety of movements; bouncing up and down, swaying back and forth.
  6. Their control on their thumb and index finger is stronger, making them able to pick things up using those two fingers.
  7. They start to imitate others.
  8. Your baby will start exploring toys and other objects using their hands and their mouth.
  9. This is the stage where, if you buy them one of those big books for kids, they will be able to turn the pages in chunks.
  10. They will start to experiment on the amount of force they need to pick up different objects.
  11. Their vision is now improved, letting them explore the things they see that are far.
  12. They experiment on the different shapes, sizes, textures of different objects.
  13. They will be able to pronounce more syllables compared to the previous stage. This is the time where the baby starts to be talkative and imitates sounds more often.
  14. They are able to recognize what’s familiar; be it a person or an object and will be able to connect it with its label.
  15. They can already recognize their name and responds when he is called.
  16. They start to communicate and respond to hand gestures
  17. They show that they are interested by pointing an object and sometimes babbling.
  18. They are now able to hold their feeding bottle on their own.
  19. If your child uses pacifier, he can now put he pacifier into his mouth.
  20. They now transition from formula milk to infant cereals.
  21. They start to eat table foods although only in a small amount
  22. They can now feel the weight of solid food, making it longer for them to be hungry again.
  23. They start to reach for food if a food is near them.
  24. They now react to the taste or smell of the food.


The milestones that are mentioned here are written based on the usual experiences of mothers of babies under this age bracket. If your baby’s milestones are greater than this, congratulations! Way to go! If you think that your baby’s behind these milestones, there’s no need to worry, every child has their own phase in developing things. Or if you are bothered by this, you can contact your pediatrician just to make sure. At the end of the day, the best gift that we can give to our babies is the tender loving care that best comes from us, mommies!