Saying “NO” is so Hard!!

Oct 07, 2016 0 Comments
Saying “NO” is so Hard!!



Saying “NO” is so Hard!!


As a side hustler business owner, I’ve been struggling with a great opportunity that are knocking my way in the corporate world. It is an opportunity I would have been thrilled about 2 years ago, but today, I see it for what it is: a distraction. That being said, it is so hard to say “No” to great opportunities like this, better pay, better title, big payout likelihood BUT it also means more hours waked, less flexibility, more responsibility. I have to keep killing myself that it can’t about my “ego” or the “money”, but the time that it will take away from my family and my passion projects. Those are ultimately what are most important to me.


If I hadn’t really thought through my values and priorities, as well as my vision, I would say “yes’ to this opportunity in a heartbeat. But my vision is much larger than plugging into a system, it is creating my own system. I know it takes hard work, delayed gratification, but ultimately, I know, I will be much happier in the long run. The things that I have with this job, time, and freedom, are invaluable. I won’t get that at this new opportunity. The time I would put into the interview process is time I could be using building my business, and making it extremely successful.


I am extremely lured by the opportunity because it is immediate gratification, but it will only hurt me long-term.


My goal is to build a wonderful happy babycare line that is sold internationally while also inspiring other mompreneurs to pursue their dreams so that they can “have it all”, whatever that means to them.