My name is Stacy Yamaoka Anderson, and I am a mom of two kiddos, and the founder of I AM HAPPY. I created the I AM HAPPY brand to inspire and bring a smile to mommy and her family each and every day. 

Our vision is to BRING 3 SMILES A DAY to those we touch. We aim to accomplish this through 3 channels:

  • Educational Content that covers topics relevant to motherhood's everyday challenges. Our podcast covers everything from interviewing expert on breastfeeding to interviewing scientists on sleep.
  • Products that encourage more smiles, appreciation, and fun in your everyday life. 
  • Supportive Community of parents that can message us, ask questions, bring ideas, or just support other moms who need a little support as well. After all, it takes a village raise a child. Join our SUPPORT Community HERE.

We recognize that raising happy children is a journey not a destintion, but the effects on your child can change your child's confidence, brain development, and life.

If we can touch your child in a little way, bring an extra smile, laugh, boost of confidence, or surge of creativity that he/she can carry with him/her for life, we know we’ve accomplished our mission.

It's About Motherhood....

       It's About Happiness....

              It's About Time............