Hair Conditioner

Is this a leave in conditioner?

No. This is a hair conditioner to be used in the bath. You can leave a bit of it in the hair, but the purpose is to utilize during bath time. It can also be used as an adult hair conditioner for people with fine or thin hair.

Does it work on curly hair?

The conditioner makes curly and frizzy so smooth and easy to comb.

Does this contain gluten, paraben, sulfate, phosphates?

No. It does not contain gluten, paraben, sulfate, phosphates. It is a chemical free baby conditioner.

Is it gentle for kids with sensitive skin?

Yes, the baby conditioner contains plant-based ingredients that are gentle even on sensitive skin.

Is it tear free?

The co-washing conditioner is tear free. With a pH between 6.5 or 7, it is gentle as can be. No numbing agents used. Gentle, of course, but it cleans nicely, and the extra conditioning component means fewer tangles