Superb Kombucha Tea Starter Kit

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Makes it easy to make Kombucha for the first time with step-by-step instructions with photos. Permits you to keep brewing continuously at home for pennies compared to commercial kombucha. Perfect fermentation to create become the confident home brewer that creates fizz probiotic drinks
  • AMAZING! Includes everything you need to brew your first batch. Equipment and ingredients includes one gallon jar (brewing vessel), culture, organic loose leaf tea leaves, pH /test strips, temperature gauge, reusable muslin cotton cloth cover, reusable tea bag, organic cane sugar
  • CRITICAL! Organic Ingredients permits you to feel great that you are using the best quality ingredients to create good bacteria needed for a healthy gut
  • FUNCTIONAL! Includes ingredients for two home brews which helps you to easily keep the habit going of brewing kombucha at home. Eco-friendly as possible with biodegradable ingredient bags, recyclable package, and labels printed with soy based ink.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR: Christmas, holiday, new year's resolutions, birthday, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, cousin, friend, roommate, kids, parents, family activities, and more
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